Specialty Masks

A very special collaboration between 2 leading French companies resulted in a new beauty ritual that highlights the amazing benefits of plants: the vegetal mask Leaf mask®. This “Leaf Mask” is composed of fibres and plant extracts. This process draws on the plants virtues without altering their properties in order to use them in the mask. Once rehydrated with a lotion or water, the mask adheres to the skin, thus giving it the naturalness of the plant.

Green Tea & Peppermint Leaf Mask®

The combination of these two plants creates a synergy that complements each other. Their actions provide the skin with an anti-oxidant, detoxifying, tonifying and refreshing treatment.

This is a must have product!

Biocellulose Masks

Biocellulose masks offer a new experience of care that combines Innovation, Comfort and Performance.

Excellent Absorbency

These masks have a very good permeability due to their nanostructure which gives them a high absorption capacity. The biocellulose fibres are able to absorb a large amount of liquid – up to 100 times their dry weight, which is about 10 times more than classic nonwoven masks.

Perfect Adhesion to Skin

The organic cellulose fibres measure 20 nm in diameter, up to 33 times less than nonwoven masks! This fine texture creates a film which clings to the skin without stickiness.  The consistency is such that the fibre diameter is less than certain lines or wrinkles on the skin: the active-scattering is optimal for more than 20 minutes as opposed to nonwoven masks that tend to peel around that time.

High Quality Support

Biocellulose masks are incredibly flexible, with high tear-texture and are highly malleable due to the nanostructure of biocellulose and if needs be, they can be removed and repositioned without affecting their support.

More Than Cosmetic Support

Due to its incredibly soft texture which provides natural fresh and unique comfort to the skin, it delivers real beauty support akin to a treatment in itself.

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Everlasting Second Skin Biocellulose Mask with Fucogel, Glycerine and Apple Stem Cells

Multi-sensory and moisturising, Fucogel ® enhances the skin softness and firmness. The skin is restructured and your face regains its density and its contours.

Hydrogel Masks

The texture of these masks makes them unique and fresh. They contain Carrageenans (natural polymers that constitute the cell walls of various red seaweeds) and sulphated D-galactose. Together, with water, they form a fi­lmogenic gel that provides better di­ffusion of actives to the cutaneous tissues. It adapts well to diff­erent head and face shapes, like a second a skin. Easy to use, the masks are suitable to all facial shapes and they fit like a second skin.

If you need a Superhero in your treatment please select our: 

The exceptional action of actives is a great partner to ­fight exhaustion! This sparkling hydrogel mask will light up your eyes! It restores the skin’s softness, elasticity but also leaves it toned and smooth! A brief treatment with this mask will provide a healthy and unifi­ed skin!

Osilift® tones, smoothes and firms up the skin, whilst Eyeliss® reduces the bags under your eyes

Provitamin B5 moisturises the skin and acts an excellent emollient. Collaxyl IS®, a collagen peptide, is a superb anti-aging cosmetic active which is used for its smoothing eff­ect. It is ideal for the very dry and cold conditions and it leaves the delicate skin around the eye supple and relaxed.

Tissue Masks

With cut-outs for eyes, nose and lips, these sheets are a hot trend right now. The masks are saturated with selected ingredients to assist with specific issues or conditions. It is stretched to fit over the face and left in place for 15 – 20 minutes. Although tissue masks have been around for a while, our new Charcoal Puri Detox mask will delight you.

Got problems with excess sebum – we have the answer! 

The tissue of the Charcoal Puri Detox mask is impregnated of activated charcoal. This ingredient has an absorbent power which allows it to retain impurities and toxins. It is able to remove the impurities and eradicate excess sebum.

Manicures and Pedicures are also taken care of in the tissue mask segment:-

Super Serum Gloves 

This product is ideal to repair hands all year round, but especially in winter – its exfoliating and moisturising properties being a vital ally in giving new life to one’s hands. Thanks to the glove shape, the treatment correctly targets the hands providing natural AHA exfoliation which assists in the natural process of eliminating dead skin cells. The mask is impregnated with a serum rich in Lime Caviar Extract. This precious citrus fruit has excellent exfoliating properties due to the high level of AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) present

Super Serum Slippers 

Always in action and too often neglected our feet are constantly on the go. To give our feet a boost, these tissue exfoliating slipper masks are a vital ally. Thanks to theirs shape, this product, with natural AHA’s is easy to use. The product is designed to help with the removal of dead skin and in so doing avoiding calluses. The mask is impregnated with a serum rich in Lime Caviar Extract. This precious citrus fruit has excellent exfoliating properties due to the high level of AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) present.