Peel Off Alginate Masks

About Alginate Masks

Alginate masks are natural beauty treatments that provide fast and impressive results, erasing fine wrinkles, tightening and firming the skin, increasing its elasticity, leaving it fresh, supple and radiant.

These masks complement all skincare regimes. They create an occlusive covering that encourages ingredient penetration from prior product applications. Although not necessary, the use of a treatment serum is beneficial. Alginate masks can be combined with any active formulation, facilitating the absorption of active components into the skin, and therefore can be used in many types of beauty treatments and procedures. They work well with photorejuvenation, mesotherapy, myostimulation, ultrasound etc.

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The main component of the alginate mask is algin (sodium alginate) or sodium salt of alginic acid – a compound obtained from marine algae. Another necessary ingredient is calcium sulfate. When mixed with water or water-based gel, these two powdered compounds form a hydrocolloid gel, which becomes a vessel for active ingredients, allowing their slow migration into the skin.

Because alginate masks have a high water content, they quickly restore skin hydration, which in turn results in a remarkable improvement of the skin’s appearance. At the same time, this method of express moisturizing is superior to paraffin masks or mineral oils, since algin allows easy oxygen exchange and helps absorb and remove toxins from the skin surface.

Alginate masks are also known as modeling, rubber, or plastifying masks. It means that soon after applying, the mask sets, following facial contours. The mask remains plastic, so it doesn’t cause any discomfort and peels off easily in a single layer. No gauze is needed as the mask can be applied directly over the eyes and lips. The mask is activated by mixing the powder with water at Room Temperature. It is removed after 10- 15 minutes. There is little or no residue left to clean off the face.

Alginate masks can be used for all types of skin – normal, dry, oily, combination, mature. Our range of masks has been further enhanced by a variety of natural additives: herbal extracts, different types of clay, essential oils, etc. With these special additives, alginate masks can be targeted to solve various skin problems. Even though additives are important, it is worth mentioning that any type of alginate mask would effectively revitalize and moisturize skin, improve circulation, tighten loose skin, reduce pore size, lessen puffiness and calm down skin after aggressive skin treatments.

How To Use A Peel Off Mask

Peel Off Mask Products

Acne Repair

Ash Cryobuds have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities due to their unique ingredients such as saponosides and flavonoids. This mask helps oily skin regain its balance.


Aloe Vera encourages cell regeneration by providing essential amino acids, mineral salts, vitamins (A, E, and B), and polysaccharides, elements which are all essential for the skin. Its composition provides it with excellent super hydrating powers. It is an excellent nutrient for the skin.

Botox-like Boost

Argireline®, a hexapeptide composed of natural amino acids, reduces the depth of wrinkles and lines on the face caused by the contraction of muscles in facial expressions. Due to its myorelaxing properties, it reduces wrinkles.


The anti-oxidant activity of BiowhiteTM neutralizes free radicals and slows skin ageing. It inhibits melanin formation, preventing the skin from darkening in the sunlight. It has strong moisturising and firming properties. It is important to note that this Brightening mask has no cytotoxic effect on the skin. (Does not contain Hydroquinone or Kojic Acid).
*Clinically proven to have a 28% Melanin Reduction in the skin*


The presence of the bromine and polyphenols in Green Coffee provides this treatment with its softening, toning and anti-oxidant properties. Caffeine, which is a xanthic base, helps redesign and refine the facial contours.

Classic base

This mask base is a marine complex based on alginates which are extracted from Laminaria, and provide its natural smooth texture. The mask quickly turns into gel from when mixed with water. Alginate, extracted from brown seaweeds, is a phyco-colloid with refreshing and hydrating properties. Diatomaceous earth contains natural silicon which remineralises and tones the skin.

Cranberry Marshmallow

This Glucose mask is ideal for protecting the skin from external environmental factors and early skin ageing. Rich in Omegas 3 & 6, Cranberries strengthen the cutaneous hydrolipidic film to maintain optimum moisturising levels. Polyphenols & tocotrienols contained in the cranberries have strong anti-oxidant powers. They fight against free radicals to better prevent cutaneous ageing.

Delicious Chocolate

Polyphenol and vitamin A from cocoa are powerful antioxidants molecules.

By neutralizing free radicals, they help to prevent skin ageing. Tannins, thanks to their astringent and tonic properties, contribute to skin firmness recovery.

Eye Lift

Encourages cell regeneration by providing vitamins which are essential for the skin, like vitamin E. Rice powder is used for its absorbing and matting properties, whilst providing a gentle treatment.  Apricot seeds are very rich in vitamin E, which helps the skin fight ageing and improve microcirculation. The mask’s properties are extremely beneficial to the skin, especially for the dark rings and puffiness around the eyes.

Golden Glow

Glucose deeply hydrates the skin by rebalancing the hydrolipidic film while nourishing and soothing the skin. The mask it creates unveils an absolute smooth and stretchy texture, making it even easier to peel-off. It allows the creation of innovative beauty masks which have amazing visual effects by the gold-coloured flakes create in this mask.

Polar Translucent

Snow algae grow in extreme temperature and UV conditions, under snow and ice. When conditions become even harder in winter, snow algae produce a high quantity of UV protective red pigments named carotenoids.

They then enter a dormant phase until springtime. During this phase, snow algae are therefore far more concentrated in carotenoids than in chlorophyll. Besides being pigments, carotenoids are also powerful antioxidants fighting against oxidative stress and therefore skin ageing.

Pollution Control

Designed to treat dull, devitalized skin, affected by stress, pollution or smoking, etc.

The organic apple extract contains vitamin C that restores glow to the skin. Apple polyphenols are currently considered to be the most efficient ingredients to combat free radicals. They reinforce microcirculation, protect elastin and collagen fibres and prevent hyaluronic acid from being destroyed.

Precious stone

Alginate, extracted from brown seaweeds, is a phyco-colloid with refreshing and hydrating properties. Hematite, the main activator, has a rejuvenating and lifting effect on the skin.


The synergy between Lithothamnium and Clay ensures that their exfoliating, smoothing and absorbent properties are very effective. The skin is cleansed and purified: dead cells and impurities are removed. It breathes better and is nourished with the seawater nutrients provided by the seaweeds. The skin becomes more supple and soft; pores are tightened, it feels fresh and glows again.

Seawater Classic

Seawater powder is obtained through spray drying* seawater from salt evaporation ponds. With seawater powder, the properties and quality of seawater from French coasts can be used all around the world.

Empirical observations have shown the benefits of minerals on the skin. This is especially true when bathing in the Dead Sea or in thalassotherapy center’s seawater pools. Among all minerals, magnesium is well-known for its cutaneous anti-inflammatory properties.

Sensitively Pink

Essential Tea Tree Oil has antiseptic properties used to treat skin problems. Pink Clay is absorbent, soothing and non-allergenic. Thanks to its high micro-nutrient content, it provides the minerals and oligo-elements required for a healthy and glowing skin. This enables sensitive/reactive skin types to enjoy a soft cleansing treatment.

Urban D-Pollution

Plant-based activated charcoal is a porous substance, mainly composed of carbon. It has a high gas and toxin absorption capacity which means that it captures toxic substances to facilitate their elimination.

Thermogenic Caviar

This mask stimulates cell activity while boosting collagen activity and fighting skin ageing. Hot peel off masks are a new concept – the heat they generate at the time of application progressively lessens to reach the skin’s temperature.

Tropical Bliss

The Pineapple and Papaya mask provides an enzymatic exfoliating effect which is intended to achieve optimum cell regeneration thanks to its components. Firstly, the synthesis of arginine and proline, two amino acids recognised for cell regeneration is encouraged by the action of the Papaya. Then, Pineapple has protective and moisturising properties which are essential for preventing wrinkles. The skin recovers its full glow looking healthy and youthful.

Vitamin Burst

The vitamin-burst mask protects the skin thanks to its components. The richness of the vitamin C in the acerola helps fight radical reactions and encourages collagen synthesis. The skin is revitalised and regains its glow.

Firm & Lift Body

Ginkgo Biloba is used in anti-aging treatments to soothe and protect the skin. Latest in vitro tests have shown that it has strong anti-oxidant properties and it inhibits elastases and hyaluronidases. Spirulina is used for its high content protein, which protects collagen and elastin, two proteins that are components in the skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Algovert® is used for its richness in mannitol which contributes to the moisturising action of the wrap. The cryogenic effect of the Menthol maintains tissue tone and combats the alteration of collagen fibers.

Pure Body

There is a synergy between Algalithe and the Clay that have complementary properties. When combined their exfoliating, smoothing and absorbent powers are more effective. The skin is cleansed and purified and the dead cells and impurities are removed. It can therefore respire better and is nourished with the seawater nutrients that the seaweeds provide. Lastly, the skin becomes more supple and soft.

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