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About Rinse Off Masks

Rinse off face masks and scrubs are an important addition to any treatment. Many treatments can be simply a toning process whereby the product is applied to the skin and left for the specified time. Or the therapist can apply the product with massage.

Thanks to innovative technology, most rinse off masks are multi-purpose. Applied on the skin to use as a mechanical exfoliation through massage, then left on the skin as a treatment mask.

Scrubs help to remove the dead skin layer and expose younger looking supple skin. Exfoliating has always been an important step in all skin-care treatments – be it a simple facial or part of a complete spa experience. Exfoliating helps to rejuvenate the skin by exposing the smoother and supple layer of skin after removal of the dead skin layer.

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Rinse off masks administered in a spa are wonderful treatments whether it be face or body. One is covered with products made from algae, seaweed, mud, clay, lotion or cream. Then wrapped for 20 minutes to keep in the warmth. Later the product is rinsed off. Body wraps usually end with an application of lotion (technically not a massage).

Facial and body scrubs are generally a suspension of granules (e.g. sea salt, strawberry seeds, sand) in a semi-liquid medium or gel.

Body scrubs are one of the best ways to remove an old skin tan. If the skin has become rough and darkened due to pollution or exposure to dust, a body scrub will remove the rough skin layer leaving a soft and supple skin.

Scrubs are generally used in complete spa treatments, which involve the use of exfoliating facial or body scrubs and should be followed by a hydrating body wrap or face mask to nourish the skin and keep it fresh and supple. Scrubs should not be used too often because frequent scrubbing can damage the young skin layer once the dead skin is off the body surface. A more abrasive scrub helps get rid of the old, dead skin cells on the surface of the skin to allow new skin to regrow. Over time, this exfoliating action can help get rid of fine lines and small wrinkles, because it rids the skin of the damaged surface cells.

Exfoliating, whether it is with a mechanical scrub like Bora Bora sand or a chemical treatment like alpha hydroxy acids, helps correct poor skin tone. It works by exfoliating away the damaged skin cells where poor pigmentation has occurred to reveal the newer, lighter skin cells beneath.

Body wraps that use algae, seaweed, mud or clay are detox treatments that help rid the body of toxins through metabolic stimulation.

How To Use A Rinse Off Mask

Rinse Off Mask Products

Lemon & Lime Mousse

This citrus fruit mousse with its delightful airy and light texture easily spreads on the skin giving a feeling of instant softness. It provides an energising and purifying treatment which results in a brighter complexion – it is suitable for oily and greasy skins.

Muesli Whipped Cream

Avocado oil is recommended for sensitive skins, as it has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, facilitating the absorption of vitamins (A, E, D) and other nutrients (lecithins, potassium, sterolins) thus bringing a glow and softness to the skin.

Hot Chocolate Mousse Body

Theobromine, a cocoa molecule, triggers the lipid attaché process and thus helps eliminate unwanted fat. Its high concentration in minerals, particularly magnesium, is essential to maintaining muscle tone in the body.

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